100 years of Moroccan trains, 50 years of The National Office of Railways (ONCF)


100 hundred years ago the first train line was built in Morocco. It connected the cities of Casablanca and Berrechid and was used to transport supply military troops of the French Protectorate. Fast forward almost exactly 50 years and The National Office of Railways – or the ONCF as it is now more commonly known –¬† is born as a state owned company. Fast forward another 50 years to the present day and the stylish Marrakech Train station located in the New Town of Guilez is commemorating the ONCF‚Äôs 50th birthday by proudly wearing an equally stylish anniversary logo.

This dual commemoration of both the first train line in Morocco and the ONCF is interesting in many ways. For one, to study the history of the Moroccan rail system is to trace the socio-economic history of the country from former French colony through independence towards todays generation. Secondly, because we are poised on  the eve of a new era: the ONCF is about to put the first high-speed train on the Africa continent and in the Arab world.So, the popularity of the train continues to grow and the service is increasingly used by industry, Moroccans and tourists alike. Perhaps the rail system and the Marrakech train station will provide your entrance into Marrakech? Or perhaps it will function as portal towards your next adventure in Morocco or beyond? Either way, it is clear to see that the Moroccan rail system is on the right track.

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