Women’s Co-operatives in Morocco

Womens co-operatives
Scattered throughout Morocco are women’s co-operatives, facilities in which women living in the surrounding area who may not be able to find employment are able to congregate and earn some extra income. On my way towards the seaside town of Essaouira (just a few hours from Marrakech by car) I encounter this co-operative. Here the specialty and focus of the facility is the production of argan oil, which in turn is used to create a variety of cosmetic and culinary products. The ladies in this co-operative were well informed, spoke a variety of languages and explained each step that they must undergo to develop the raw argan nuts into the finished oil. As well as this they even encouraged me to get involved and give a helping hand on the production line!

During your visit to Morocco, a short stay at one of the many women’s co-operatives is not only an ideal time to purchase products that are unique to this part of the world but it’s also a highly rewarding experience.

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