Eat Breakfast like a Moroccan

Not in the travel guides of Morocco or the tourist trail, local cafés dotted around the Medina offer a breakfast like no other and one that will see you content until your evening meal.

Bissara (above) is a spiced split pea broth that is served in small bowls topped with a generous amount of olive oil and eaten by the right hand with roughly ripped bread (khobz).  Alternatively, but please in addition to, are Moroccan beans in a spiced tomato sauce (below), somewhat like a Marrakshi twist on English baked beans but again truly delicious. Small bags of salt and cumin are your condiments that add a wonderful additional flavor to the meal.

Find a seat in one of the welcoming and predominantly, but not entirely, male populated cafés and ask for these. You will not be disappointed. A good starting point is the cafes around Tinsmith Square located next to Bab El Mellah only a short distance from the homely and welcoming Riad Linda, traditional Berber Riad Carina or the elegant Villa Amira.

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