For the love of art

History and art are the two words that best describe the Red City, the latter evolving very much in time. You can find handmade objects in all the souks in the city, especially in the Medina, where the touch of the bygone times is present at every corner, and the city has not lost its historical appearance.

Since Marrakech developed an industry in tourism, the need for modernisation had to say its word, but tradition was not left on the side, as they intermingled perfectly. Architects and craftsmen chose to think and create in such ways that are in harmony with the nature, without destroying its beauty. The construction of the adobe buildings and the use of tadelakt are just a few examples of how Moroccans know to respect the traditional techniques when creating a work of art.

Moroccans are aware of the fact that history and culture must be preserved, and they do everything for improving their methods of craftsmanship, creating things as jewellery, cloths, furniture and building a house that keeps its local flavour.

The riads in Marrakech are the best example to see art combined with craftsmanship in beauty, richness, history and culture, with a touch of modern that creates all the comfort for the guests. Each riad has an inside garden, sometimes with a pool, where people can socialise, relax or take their meals, and on top of all the layers of rooms there is also a terrace that offers the most impressive view over the city. In winter, the rooms are warm and cosy, while in summer it is a pleasure to hide from the heat outside in one of the riad’s salons. Do come to Marrakech and stay in one of our riads for an authentic experience!

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