Healthy milky treats for all local Marrakshi’s

Walking around La Medina through the live chicken counters, orange mountains and egg/ potato ‘Marrakech Sandwich’ stalls, you will find local groups congregating round a brightly lit shop filled with a bucket harem of fresh fruit and several full jugs.

These are the fresh fruit milkshake bars that, although not very common, draw vast crowds of young men, old women and serious business men in deep conversation. For only 5 dirhams, you can have an attractive glass filled with individual or a mixture of several blended fruit milk cocktails that you sip slowly on the pavement as the rest of the busy medina does at it does. For 40 dirham each, you can also fill your fridge with a coke bottle full of your preferred fruit milkshake. Fruit freshly blended for you for a midnight fiesta

Paying only after you have finished and always receiving a friendly ‘Shukran’ from the busy salesman, this is a culinary delight not to be missed on your visit to this great city. Bars can be found all over the medina and within strolling distance from many of the outstanding hipmarrakech riads.

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