How to command your camel



A short guide to camel riding with thanks to Abdul who owns a small train of camels just outside the medina walls a short walk from riads Dar Beija, Dar Habiba and Dar El Souk

Stand from sitting is ‘Bayokav’

Forward is ‘Arrrrrrr’

Stop is ‘Shhhhhh’

Sit down from standing is ‘Jmell Bayokav’

Left is tap a stick on the right shoulder

Right is tap the same or another stick on the left shoulder

For a more native experience, Hipmarrakech riads offer specially selected operators who can guide you through the beautiful Moroccan landscapes to the Sahara and the home of the Dromaderes, (the actual name of single humped, two humped have the Camel tag)

Follow these simple rules and gain the respect of camels and the desert dwelling Moroccans.

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