Marrakech Reading List: ‘A Street in Marrakech’ by Elizabeth Warnock Fernea

A Street in Marrkech

Elizabeth Warnock Fernea and her family moved into a small street in the Medina or the traditional city of Marrakech in August 1971, when her husband received a grant to study Moroccan culture. Her book, a ‘Street in Marrakech’, provides a personal view of the city as experienced from her eyes and is just and as insightful as any anthropological study: Fernea’s descriptive account depicts her families acclimatization to Marrakech’s climate and culture and their gradual acceptance into the community.

This is a brilliantly entertaining and insightful book that perfectly captures the rhythm and spirit of life in the backways of the Medina during the 70s. Indeed, over 40 years later, this book still provides a good introduction to Marrakech. The prevalent consciousness of notable landmarks and real street-names that are embedded in the pages construct an accurate portrait of such a rich and vibrant city.

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