Marrakech Reading List: ‘Humor and Moroccan Culture’ by Matthew Helmke

morrocan humor

For a book that includes the word humour in the title, ‘Humour and Morocan Culture’ is not particularly a funny book; but that is not to say that it is not worth a read. The books author, Matthew Helmke, promises that his short book “will explore and discuss the hidden aspects of Moroccan culture, things that Moroccans seem to know inherently” and in this respect it certainly does deliver. The format of ‘Humour and Morrocan Culture’ is, in itself, fairly unique. Helmke translates a series of Morrocan jokes before discecting them, explaining the relevant social and cultural information that is necessary to understand the joke. This book offers a lot of interesting observations regarding Moroccan society and, once you get past Helmke’s somewhat egotistical writing style and the best obscenley large font size, ‘Humour and Morrocan Culture’ has a lot tlnoffer any visitor to Marrakech. All in all a quick read, but very satisfying.

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