The Secrets of the Moroccan Tea

Across the world, Morocco is famous for it’s delicious teas. In many cafĂ©s and restaurants there are often a wide variety of flavours and choosing what you want to order can often take a lot longer than expected. Although there are teas made from a range of ingredients including saffron, geranium, Rose petals and Louisa, it is of course mint that remains the most popular flavour. For Moroccans mint tea is the staple drink and it is common for locals to drink around 4 or 5 cups a day. The key to the perfect mint tea is a lot of sugar (sometimes over 4 cubes) and bubbles!! Yes, Bubbles!! If you ever drink a Mint tea with a Moroccan they will always tell you to pour it higher, using the catchphrase ‘bubbles are good, bubbles are very good’. It is a very difficult skill to master, let alone explain; so check out the video below for a clearer idea of how to pour your Moroccan tea.


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