Spicy Marrakshi Coffee

Not openly advertised or spoken about, you need to gain the trust of a local grocery shop salesman who lets you into his secret spiced world. Café avec epices (spiced coffee) is exactly that and can be enjoyed at any time of the day or night giving drinkers a warming energised feeling so welcome during the slightly colder winter months in Marrakech.

Consisting of spices to people’s own particular and diverse tastes, this is however most commonly made with muscat, pepper, ginger, kanella, anise, sesame and a spice pronounced gervien khodonjelle. Coffee beans are measured out on a scale (pictured) then the spices are added and the whole contents are put through a coffee grinding machine which are presented to the customer in a plastic carrier bag.

Food is a culture in Marrakech and so much so in the riads of Hipmarrakech who offer guests a true taste of all that is Morocco. Taste these delights in the exquisite culinary riads of Dar Eliane or Riad Zamzam and come away feeling refined and cultured.

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