The fish that melts: best seafood in Essaouira

For a taste of true freshness in the traditional working port of this wonderful seaside town, the best seafood in Essaouira is to be found at (almost) the source.  Fishing boats line the harbor walls enclosed of from the raging Atlantic beyond, providing the fish market and seafood restaurants in Essaouira and Morocco with a very healthy array of fresh fish.

The fish market in Essaouira is comprised of men and women seated around the port with small boxes of small sardines and other oceanic wonders, or slabs of plastic topped with a large variety of Atlantic sea food, arguably the best seafood in Essaouira. A complementary juxtapose from the beautiful boutique riads of Esssaouira specifically picked by Hipmorocco for their unique qualities and experience.

For 40 Moroccan dirhams (£3.00) you can buy a bag of fresh of the boat fish, seabass, prawns, calamari etc. for two-three people, which you take to the small cafes that line the harbor wall each day expect Sundays for some of the best seafood in Essaouira. For just 30 dirhams (£2.30), the café will take your freshly bought produce and grill it to perfection, which you can enjoy seated on small tables of varying size and complexion along with bread, tomato salad and a pot of the sweetest absinthe tea. All the while nestled in-between the small iconic cobalt blue boats that diffuse into the Essaouira Atlantic early every morning on their daily fish scavenge. This is a beautiful and romantic place to eat in Essaouira around midday.

As a wonderful alternative to following the fish markets, one of the best seafood restaurants in Essaouira, along with the accompanying view of the oceanic source of your food, is Le Chalet de la Plage. This Essaouiran landmark restaurant has been run by the same family since 1965 and offers a curious array of sea food delights cooked with the beauty and assurance of years of quantified experience and quality fresh fish.

Encircled on one side of the city by the un-tame ocean, with nothing but a few small Atlantic islands separating Essaouira from Georgia and the east coast of the USA, this ‚Äėwhite city‚Äô is truly at the edge of Africa and home to a cluster of Moroccan riads that remain in their visitors minds and hearts long after leaving these beautiful shores.

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