The Good People of Marrakech

Permently parked by Bab (gate) Doukkala in a very temporary looking outdoor office sits Mohamed who is the man people go to from Marrakech to have their plastic needs fulfilled. Laminating passport, drivers licences or one of the many many documents needed to successfully fulfill a visa application to almost anywhere outside of Morocco, can be done here by this peacefully tranquil man situated next to a large door containing a nearby hammams wood ovens with happy wood darkened workers and numerous slow cooking Tanjir pots to feed the locals.

With hardened skill and machine precise hands, Mohamed works, along with the rest of the Marrakshi Medinas cogs, tirelessly, selflessly and always with a open welcoming and genuine smile, happy to be doing his part to make the clockwork, that is La Medina, such a vibrant, humble and traditional city.

Another reason for what makes Marrakech and Morocco a wondrously inquisitive and inviting visit for all those that embrace her.

Specifically handpicked to acuminate this beautiful city into everything that it is and for all that it can offer, the riads, tours and restaurants of Hip Marrakech guide you on your inspiring visit through the culture and history that is Marrakech.

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