The Hammam – Your Source of Inner Peace

You are just a few days away from your trip to Marrakech and all you can think about are the wonderful relaxing days that you will spend there far from your daily routine.

Marrakech riad with hammam

Finding the place of your dreams is not at all impossible given the great number of hotels and riads specially designed to satisfy the taste of even the most demanding tourists.

You may wish to try one of the outstanding hotels in Marrakech- comparable to the best anywhere in the world.

On the other hand, if you interested to experience the real Morocco, consider staying in a Riad, the lodging that is unique to Morocco.

Once in Marrakech, you are ready to find all sorts of activities and to try everything that is new for you, starting with traditional food, long walks on the streets of the Red City enjoying the wonderful landscape and admiring the great architectural structure of the worldwide known landmarks of Marrakech such as Koutoubia Mosque, Bahia Palace, Marakech Ramparts etc.

After a long exhausting day you may want to find a peaceful place where you can relax, chat, socialise and find a moment of spiritual peace. In this case, there’s no better place to be than a hammam. If you visit Marakech for the first time you may be confused and not understand what a hammam means and which is its function. Well, the word may seem unfamiliar but in fact a hammam is a sort of Turkish bath where Moroccans go to cleanse themselves. The public Hammam is an incredibly important part of Moroccan culture and life because, just like food, it is a ritual that brings people together. Men, women and children will visit their local Hammam, following the long rituals for cleansing their bodies until their skin glows. The first room, entering the Hammam is the changing room with wooden benches and hooks used to hang your clothes. Moving on from the changing rooms there is a room filled with steam. In the Hammam there are people on duty who sell black soap and exfoliating gloves and you can also hire someone to help you scrub.

If you prefer more intimacy, you may choose to stay in a Marrakech riad and enjoy this ritual in a private Hammam in order to get rid of the physical and spiritual tension. Cleanse your body relax your mind and invigorate your spirit!

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