The Last Storytellers of Morocco

Cover imageEssential reading for visitors to Marrakech! The Last Storytellers is a wonderful new collection of traditional tales from the city that will help visitors understand the culture and mystery of Morocco. Marrakech is the heart and lifeblood of Morocco’s ancient storytelling tradition. For nearly a thousand years, storytellers have gathered in the Jemaa el Fna, the legendary square of the city, to recount ancient folktales and fables to rapt audiences. But this unique chain of oral knowledge, that has passed from generation to generation, is now on the brink of extinction. Richard Hamilton has witnessed at first hand the death throes of this rich and captivating tradition and, in the labyrinth of the Marrakech medina, has tracked down the last few remaining storytellers, recording stories that are replete with the beauty of the Maghreb. The book is available in bookshops in the UK as well as Morocco. It is also on sale via Amazon in paperback, hardback and¬†kindle.

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