The Moroccan Family

A common site. Two men walking leisurely through the streets of Marrakech, deep conversation, not meaning to get to any destination fast but tightly embraced hand to hand as they pass.

Although becoming slightly dated and seen more so in the older generations, the Arab custom of same sex couples holding hands is an honor, if you are offered it, and shows the upmost respect, equality and acceptance of your fellow gender.

Similarly embracing and kissing the cheek of a same sex acquaintance several times after extended periods of absence, representing the joy of being reunited with their ‘brother’.

Just two examples of a culture based around respectful segregation of the sexes where intimacies are sought where available but with the resulting effect of such warm and amicable relations that make Morocco the platonic and hugely welcoming place for all and everyone that visit.

Hand selected for their established hospitality and guest experience, the riads of Hipmarrakech welcome all and make your visit one that is truly personalised, memory making and unique.

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