The Moroccan Leather Poof

moroccan leather poof

In Marrakech you will see a lot of objects that hold a certain special place in Marrakechi’s hearts: there is the motorbike, the favourite tool for many locals to get around the city; the tagine pot, the implement responsible for making the country’s traditional, staple dish and the poof. The poof is a Moroccan leather chair in the shape of a circular pocket; it is often bought empty and filled later at home with rags or old material. The leather ranges in quality from quality Camel or goat leather – preferred due to it’s thickness and subsequent strength – through to the cheaper cow hide.

Whilst walking around the narrow streets of the Medina, it is easy to assume that the poof is simply a decorative item for tourists, an easy souvenir to bring home. However it is behind closed doors that the poof is most celebrated item of furniture; indeed, most households use them!! A Moroccan friend once told me that the poof is better than any other chair for too reasons: it provides beautiful and unique decoration for the house, and it also better for your back than sitting on a wooden chair. Although we are not sure if this second reason holds any scientific fact, here at Hip Marrakech we can confirm that the poof is very comfortable!

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