The Moroccan Souk: your guide to travel in Morocco

A thoroughly vibrant experience both welcoming and delightfully charming yet confusing and scary, Moroccan souks are a culture and lifestyle upon themselves and a must visit on any travel to Morocco.

Meandering through these ancient mazes can conjure up scenes of an exploratory Hitchcock era: men walk hand in hand wearing biblical full length hooded jalabiyas as young boys trot gracefully on their donkeys past the hanging giblets of countless halal butchers and plastic covered, knife brandishing jolly fish mongers: a normal day in the Moroccan souk.

Small Locals Moroccan souk

On your travel in Morocco to the more touristic imperial cities, expect to receive the attention of the bidding salesmen of the Moroccan souks with shop after shop selling clay tagine, silver teapot and Moroccan trinket carbon copies of the last. USP in the Moroccan souks is based on individual charm, charisma and number of languages 1 man can speak: an inspiring spectacle on your travel in Morocco of what these talented men have built their lives around.

Seeking out the smaller cave like stalls in the souks on your travel in Morocco can leave you bedazzled with collections of century old Berber jewellery, ancient Gnawa musical instruments and spices that can turn any amateur chef into an adept gourmet Moroccan.

Browsing in the Moroccan souks is advised with caution and correct etiquette, where accepting an invitation for tea means you should be leaving with a purchase. Don’t let this cower your from exploring he Moroccan souks as most market stall owners appreciate your interest, conversation and chance to show of their comic prowess.

Be advised that finding the ‘correct’ price means visiting a few stalls and taking around 1/3 of the initial quoted price as a suitable guideline, you can barter your way down as low as you like. If the shop keeper is genuinely insulted, you have gone a little too far and you should leave, however use this as a gentle back and forth to reach the correct price. It is all part of the ‘Moroccan pricing’ system and no hard feelings are ever kept.

In the less touristic regions, Moroccan souks will travel to different towns and villages each day and are a beautiful and vibrant example of the humble Moroccan life and cuisine and a must visit on any travel in Morocco. The Riads of Hipmorocco have been hand selected for their ability to give guests a true sense of what Morocco is and for people to leave this mysterious country with a memorable cultural experience.

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