The Tagine Pot

tajine pot

The Tagine (or Tajine) is perhaps the most popular dish in Morocco. It can be found literally everywhere, from the roadside café to the luxury restaurant, and remains a staple meal for both tourists and locals alike.

The slow-cooked savoury stew is typically made with sliced meat, poultry, or fish together with vegetables – although many carnivorous travellers have confessed that they prefer the Vegetable Tagine to it’s meat-based brother. The dish is actually named after the term for the two-part terracotta dish in which it is cooked, the Tagine pot. The flat base holds the ingredients and spices whilst the dome or cone shaped lid is designed to hold in the condensation to produce succulent meat, steamed vegetables all held in a wonderful sauce.

Indeed, the Tagine dish proves so popular that many tourists are often desperate to find space in their bag to fit a Tagine pot so that they can replicate the dish at home.

In many ways the Tagine epitomizes the Moroccan cusine: it is spicy, healthy and designed to be shared by many. So why not bring home a Tagine pot to share the magic of Marrakech with your friends and family? That is, if you can fit one in your bag!

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