Time-lapse of the Supermoon over Marrakech, August 2014

One of the biggest talking points in yesterday’s papers and on social media was the occurrence of the so-called ‘Supermoon’. A Supermoon – or the ‘perigee moon’ to give it it’s technical name – is the correspondence of a full moon with the closest approach the moon makes to the earth during it’s orbit. This phenomenon means the moon appears bigger and brighter than usual, allowing for spectacular views and brilliant photos.

As clouds are a rare sight in Marrakech, Sunday’s Supermoon shone bright and clear above the red city, casting a haunting glow over the Medina. Although the ‘Supermoon’ is a ‘super rare’ occasion, a trip to Marrakech is sure to offer a once in a lifetime experience of a similar, magical caliber.

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