Want fish, want number 14

Regularly selling out first in the highly competitive temporary evening restaurant market of Jemaa El Fna Square, number 14 is a fishy heaven like no,  except for a close second (number 98), other. The proprietor makes the daily round trip to the beautiful costal town of Essouira, 2 hours by Grand Taxi each way, to collect the freshest caught fish from the North Atlantic.

With the market setting up around 5pm, a site in its own viewed from one of the surrounding rooftop cafes, it is best to visit this early, 6-7 or late, after 9, as to avoid standing around competing with much more eloquent locals vying for a bench around this tiny stall. However the wait is so so worth it with fish so delicate and melting it would be unfortunate to miss.

Expcet to pay around 30 dirham (£2:30) for a set menu of spiced tomato, fish, chips, bread and don’t forget to ask for the aubergine on request with lots of lemon vinegar on.

A short walk from Riad Meriem, Dar Donab and Dar Maia of the handpicked riads at Hip Marrakech, this is a must visit secret stop in a hugely vibrant, passionate yet humble city.

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