The Babs of Marrakesh

The gates or Babs of Marrakesh. There are 19 Babs of Marrakech. Bab Agnaou was built in the 12th century in the time of the Almohad dynasty. Bab Khemis is famous for it’s Thursday market. Bab means gate and Khemis means Thursday. If you are looking for cheap antiques or old doors then look at Bab Khemis. It is most well known for the market. I must say I thought this Market was open every day and that has been my experience, although technically it is apparently only open on Thursdays, but I think you disregard that last remark as it does not ring true. Bab Laksour is a convenient place to be dropped off for the souks, and is also near to Vanessa Branson’s Riad El Fenn, as well as the renowned restaurant Le Tobsil and Gastro MK. When staying in a Marrakech riad, find out your nearest Bab, as taxi drivers know every gate in Marrakech.