Marrakech Reading List: ‘A Year in Marrakesh’ by Peter Mayne


A year in Marrkech

If you are looking for a good book to accompany you on your trip to¬†Marrakech, or if you are simply looking to learn more about Moroccan culture then look no further. Our Marrakech Reading List kicks off with Peter Mayne’s ‘A Year in Marrakesh’, a personal record of an English man’s attempt to settle in Marrakech during the 1950’s.

Mayne’s account gives you a glimpse of Marrakech before it became a tourist destination. Yet, while you may not see a mention of the tourist spots or cultural monuments like the Cafe de France or Jemaa el-Fna, this book often provides a clearer view of Marrakech than your average tourist guide. Tinged with an ounce of wit and humor, Mayne depicts Marrakech exactly as he sees it. However he does without claiming that his opinions and deductions can be mistaken for absolute facts. Therefore whilst reading his simple, journalistic style it is almost impossible not become fully immersed in the vibrant bustle and dry heat of Marrakech; and yet there still remains a space for uncertainty and adventure as we follow Mayne in his efforts to understand such a beautiful and perplexing city.

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