Petits Taxis of the Marrakech Medina

Petit Taxis in Marrakech


As the red city of Marrakech slowly gets close to it’s 1000th year anniversary, it is fascinating to see how the city has evolved in a very unique way. Instead of the uniform roads you will find throughout many European cities, Marrakech has, and perhaps always will be a bustling hive of inter-linked pathways and alcoves. As a result getting from point a to point b is most effective by taking one of the many ‘petits taxis’ that weave their way throughout the city. For only 20 to 30 Dirhams (¬£1.54-¬£2.31) you can be anywhere you need to be in the Medina in a heartbeat. Discover the heart of the red city of Marrakech in one of our many Riad’s today.¬†

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