Why book a Marrakech riad through an agent?

We offer several main advantages over booking directly with a Marrakech riad or hotel.  

 Firstly the price we offer is the same price that is available if you book directly.  

 Secondly, and foremost is that by being a UK limited company (hipmarrakech.com Ltd), we offer you protection against riads who are not up to standard, who double book and leave you stranded, and against overcharging.  Thus, if a riad is not up to standard when you arrive (and this is rare, but has happened), we will organise at no extra cost for you to be moved.  If we have repeated problems with a Marrakech riad we remove them from our website. Once a riad contacted us a week before New Year when all the riads in Marrakesh were fully booked to say they had double booked for one of our clients.  We insisted that they accommodate our client, and the riad had a choice of either upsetting a client who had booked independently, or ourselves, who make bookings with them every week. It was a no brainer!! Occasionally clients have a problem understanding their bill or think they have been overcharged.  Again this is rare. But does happen and we rectify the problem without hassle or inconvenience to the client.  

 Thirdly, you can get easy and readily available advice over the phone on all of our riads in Marrakech or Morocco from Amanda. If we think you are booking a very limited itinerary (e.g. it is secluded and nice for 3 days but not for 2 weeks!) we will advise you to think again. We also offer advice on a much greater variety of options open to you.  For example, we will never recommend that you hire a car when it is probably better to take a long taxi ride. 

 Fourthly and finally, you will generally get a much more rapid response from us.  We operate almost 363 days of the year and will often respond late at night.  We will offer online booking for most of our riads from March 2010.

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