Don McCullin, The Marrakech Museum for Photography and Visual Art (MMP+), Badi Palace

Don McCullin, The Marrakech Museum for Photography and Visual Art (MMP+), Badi Palace


Don McCullin is an internationally renowned British photographer widely considered as a pioneer in the art of Photojournalism. His black and white photography documents a wide variety of subjects from traditional African tribes to warzones in Palestine, Vietnam and Northern Ireland, from stunning landscapes of his home in Somerset to images of urban strife in Britain. The Marrakech Museum for Photography and Visual Art (MMP+) are currently exhibiting wide-ranging solo-exhibition of his photographs at the wonderful Badi Palace and, last week, we went to check it out.

As most art exhibitions in Marrakech seems to be very much focused on Marrakech, Moroccan or, at the very least, North Africa, it initially felt strange looking at shots depicting the British dockyards, English countryside or foreign warzones in the traditional settings of the Badi Palace in the heart of the Medina. However, once we got over this initial bemusement, the quality of McCulin’s work shone through. Each photograph perfectly captures the dramatic and often violence nature of the subject. The simple, monochrome images possess a raw emotion that demands the viewer’s attention. Not unlike the traditional storytellers of Jemaa el-Fna, McCullin is a talented narrator, weaving the history and excitement of a certain moment into the fabric of his work.

Indeed, the Don McCullin exhibition demonstrates the exciting work MMP+ are currently undertaking. By exhibiting a talented international photographer, the gallery declares Marrakech as capable of hosting internationally respected artworks. That is, exhibitions that are not simply focused Marrakech, Morocco or North Africa. Yet MMP+ do not ignore local talent. In a room adjacent to the Don McCullen exhibition, there is a series of work demonstrating the best contemporary Moroccan Photographers.

Here at Hip Marrakech we are very excited about the future of the Marrakech Museum for Photography and Visual Art. Plans are in place to build a gallery that will sit adjacent to the historic Menara gardens, just outside the Marrakech Medina. Designed by renowned Architect Sir David Chipperfield, the prospective gallery looks absolutely stunning, mixing the traditional Riad style with a unique modern flair. The architectural plans are available for all to see over at the MMP+ site, we recommend you head over and have a look. MMP+ promise an exciting future for the Moroccan and North African art scene, watch this space!!

The Don McCullin exhibition runs until September 1st and can be found at the Badi Palace in the Medina, entrance to the exhibition is included in the admission charge for the palace itself. If you are visiting Marrakech before this date, we urge you to stop in at the Badi Palace and visit this exhibition.

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