Postcards and Letters from Marrakech

Sending Postcards

Isn’t it wonderful when you receive a postcard or handwritten letter from a loved one whilst they are holiday? There is nothing better than sharing the magic of Marrakech with a friend, family or loved one in a personal note. Furthermore, with the risk of sounding like a stamp collector, there is something quite enjoyable in discovering what local postal stamps and tracing the historical and cultural references they hold.

Sending a postcard or letter is usually cheap, but in Morocco it is especially so. For less than 10 Dirham (around 70p) you can send a postcard to anywhere in Europe. Stamps are sold in shops around the Medina, but the best place to buy them from – to ensure you don’t have to haggle for a stamp – is the central post office in Marrakech’s main square, Jemaa el-Fna. The yellow post boxes are also found out of the front of the building; a top tip from us is that there is no international postbox, so no confusion.

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